Life as a housewife can be beautiful. Its not all about cleaning the toilet and scrubbing floors in your daggy cleaning clothes. Its not all about week-day soaps and screaming children. Some days can be like that, but I’m here to tell you that if you’ve chosen to stay at home, life can be beautiful if you want it to be.

I’m a stay at home mum to a school aged daughter and twin boys who are getting ready to go off to kindy. As a result my house can be rather messy and my laundry does pile up. I am in no way your perfect housewife. Though I would love to earn that title some day.

It’s the little things that make life beautiful. A bunch of pink roses on the kitchen table. A pretty apron (yes I’m an avid wearer of aprons). A perfectly made bed. A closet of freshly pressed clothes. A gorgeous table cloth. Beautiful china. Yummy treats made at home. A strand of pearls on my wrist. Life can be so beautiful. And what makes it more beautiful is my family. Because if it wasn’t for them, life would be grey.

Follow along as I explore the beautiful side to being a housewife.



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    • Thanks Jane. I’ve just popped over to your blog and followed it too. Very inspirational.What I life you lead! I would love to travel one day. My dream for as long as I can remember is to go to Europe and see the countryside and the castles and all the things I’ve read about in classic novels. I can’t imagine doing that any time soon though. Maybe one day. I look forward to reading all about your travels and will recommend your blog to my parents. They are grey nomads…always traveling!


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